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The Lornamead GmbH allocates its national media budget with its main brand CD to Mediaplus and therefore relies on the media expertise of Mediaplus in the House of Communication Hamburg. The goal is an individual, brand-focused media strategy, with which the natural positioning and awareness of the Body Care brand with the CD Purity Law should be further expanded and strengthened. The testimonial of the campaign for CD, which starts on April 12th, is actress Katja Riemann.

Hamburg, 12th April 2017 – In a Pitch, Mediaplus has won the media budget of Lornamead GmbH, based in Norderstedt. Effective immediately, Mediaplus is responsible for the media planning of the established Body Care brand. At the center is a large-scale print campaign, which is supported by means of targeted, performance-based measures.

Stefan Mulder, Vice President Marketing Europe stresses: "Thanks to successful brands such as CD Body Care, Brisk or Rapid White, Lornamead counts as the strongest growing brand manufacturers in the German Body Care sector. In order to assert ourselves as medium-sized strong businesses with small budgets against the global players, lots of passion and personal commitment as well a smart, strategic brand management is needed. We really believe this combination we have found in Mediaplus to establish our brands will make them stronger in the future."


"With Lornamead, we have gained a desired customer. Lornamead's loved brands stand for innovation and sustainability, and are consistently developed with much passion. We are happy to strategically accompany this process with an individual brand media planning" adds Andreas Fuhlisch, Managing Director of Mediaplus in the House of Communication Hamburg, who supervises the budget together with General Manager Strategy Branko Presic.

CD reflects on its roots and ties a strong and successful woman to the communication goals by selecting actress Katja Riemann as brand Ambassador. The agency Weigert Pirouz Wolf is responsible for the creation.

"I have chosen very consciously. If I commit to human rights, I cannot represent a company that is ethically questionable. CD advocates against animal testing, and avoids controversial ingredients. Furthermore, I find myself in a very good company, because Jil Sander was the mid-70s CD brand Ambassador," Katja Riemann explains her motivation to act as new face of the brand.

In addition to Mediaplus and Plan.Net in the House of Communication Hamburg and the creative agency Weigert Pirouz Wolf, the agencies CTRL (social media) and Rheincom PR (PR) are involved.

In the picture: Andreas Fuhlisch, Managing Director of Mediaplus in the House of Communication Hamburg


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