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    Stiftung ÜberLeben

In contrast to other countries, you have to sign up voluntarily to be a donor in Germany. This means that over 10,000 people are desperately depending on just 955 organ donors each year. That's why, on average, three people die everyday. 

We created a radical campaign for Stiftung ÜberLeben: we placed life-saving organs as products in online shops - unfortunately, they were listed as 'out of stock'. So, the user was made aware of the issue and could apply for an organ donor card with just a few clicks. 

Our fictitious product placement raised attention (CTR 3,29%), caused controversy in the media (contacts 2.5 Mio) and activated new organ donors (220% more donors).

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But the most important thing is that we sparked a public discussion about organ donation and made many undecided people aware of the issue: you can’t buy life-saving treatment.