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Oddset Native Audio
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For its 20th anniversary, ODDSET, the sports bookmaker brand of the German LOTTO, wanted to look back at its long history without appearing too nostalgic and to increase its brand affinity.

Radio is still quite popular and is increasingly listened to via smart speakers. Smart speakers make innovative audio formats and interactive approaches to the listener possible.
For ODDSET we developed an innovative native audio concept together with Mediascale. Using this concept, the stories that ODDSET had to tell, could be listened to through interview podcasts. The podcast was featured as an interactive element in classic radio advertisement. Listeners could actively access the podcast and return to the radio programme at any time. The podcasts were broadcasted on smart speakers using the high-reach radio skills of RMS.

That’s how radio works today! Innovatively and flexibly for the listener!
Through our native audio concept, the aural medium of radio can now also be used for editorial formats that add value interactively. And ODDSET is pleased about rising brand values.

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