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ODDSET wanted to make games of chance more appealing to a younger audience. To do this, “relevance” is a decisive factor in Bundesliga communications. ODDSET also wanted to tell football fans in different regions about the games relevant to their regions on Bundesliga match days, along with the latest odds. The aim was to use this increased relevance to encourage more people to place bets and to make ODDSET a household name among the relevant set of fans. Meeting these demanding requirements required flexibility and speed. Our first mover: an innovative programmatic internet radio campaign with regional and dynamic advertising – with 374 audio tracks and over 14 million possible ad variants.

Building on the generic base module, flexible components were combined automatically.

• Time: match day 

• Match: game was chosen based on the region 

• Odds: current odds for the game  

Sound off
Sound on

Dynamic online banners were also created to accompany the radio advertising and were run in parallel on audio marketer websites. This meant that the relevant game and the corresponding odds were shown to the target audience in 35 regions. We increased the interest of betting with ODDSET by 14 per cent.

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