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The morning belongs to us

Hornbach Morning
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Professionals and the DIY community start their projects at dawn. With the message ‘The morning belongs to us’, Hornbach made a statement that no other hardware retailer had ever used before.

The relevance of a message can be increased by proximity to a certain situation, at a certain time, to a certain mood in which the target group finds itself. This is exactly where the campaign’s efficient and clever orchestration stepped in. We occupy the morning with a use of media including three first movers that created relevance by being there at the break of the day:

1. Use of the info screens before the regular booking time.  

2. Only morning fixed placements online instead of day fixed placements.  

3. Innovative first audio contact strategy via smart speakers reached out to users directly the first time they turned on a radio station through the device in the morning.


The campaign led to the best spring of all times for Hornbach, with a year-on-year revenue growth of 6.8 per cent and a 3 per cent higher growth than the industry average.

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