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Mediaplus Group Launches Global Agency Hub MP Realtime

Mediaplus Realtime is the integrated and data-centred consultancy-, knowledge- and realisation hub of the Mediaplus Group, in which the agency bundles together all its resources for globally scalable campaign planning and execution in real time.

Munich, 10 March 2022 — The Mediaplus Group combines under one roof more than 300 tools and technologies concerning insights, strategy, planning and realisation. So that these and the departments and teams involved are interlinked seamlessly, the agency group has now created Mediaplus Realtime. The agency bundles together all resources for globally scalable campaign planning and execution in real time in the integrated and data-centred consultancy-, knowledge- and realisation hub of the Mediaplus Group.

Structural and personnel reorganisation

MP Realtime was set up as an internationally operating hub for all agencies working operationally with clients and combines the know-how and skills from existing MP disciplines but also of all other agencies in the House of Communication which offer data services, for example Plan.Net Journey, Thaltegos, Future Marketing as well as cooperation partners such as Salesforce. Expert sectors – such as MP insights, strategic consultancy, programmatic advertising – work closely together. The Joint Venture for Programmatic Advertising, PREX, founded by Mediaplus and Plan.Net, is completely integrated into the new Mediaplus Realtime.

The heads of the new unit are Jörn Solfrian, General Manager Mediaplus, and Tobias Wegmann, CTO Mediaplus Realtime. Solfrian is responsible for the Strategy & Analysis sectors, Wegmann for the Measurement & Activation sectors. Both report to Julian Simons, who, as Managing Partner on the Mediaplus board, represents Data and Activation. With Sascha Dolling, MP Realtime has also, since January, secured a proven data- and programmatic-expert who will deal with the international scaling of all agency group services in the Data Driven Advertising sector. Essentially, the new entity consists of more than 60 employees. However, the boundaries to the other departments are fluid.

Jörn Solfrian explains: “With Mediaplus Realtime we are, for the first time, combining all sectors in the House of Communication which gather communication-relevant data for the client, analyse it, make it visible and usable and, based on the learning generated, implement customised communication measures. There is no rigid and set solution as regards content – the putting together of teams, tools, insights and implementation criteria is always dependent on the client’s goals.”

This works across all borders. Talents can be utilised independent of their location throughout the entire global group. In addition to the Programmatic Teams at the German locations, the Data Analytics Hub in Brussels, the Programmatic Hub in Warsaw, and the Strategy and Planning Team in Munich, among others, will play central roles. They are all linked via a shared data platform.

Global technology & data hub

MP Realtime is accompanied by a new technology stack and precisely defined process structures. The KI-based Tool “Brand Investor”, which, coming from the DACH area, is now being internationally scaled, as well as a globally set-up Programmatic Engine, is part of the core technologies necessary for global campaign support in real time. All available resources can be adapted for the individual client, expanded and rolled out internationally. This enables a sharing of know-how via all the agencies worldwide.

Efficient data management systems such as the central Datorama Dashboard, that Mediaplus has implemented in cooperation with Salesforce, visualise the results. Programmatic optimisation, which includes not only digital but also digitalised offline channels, permits a more comprehensive picture of the user and, based on this, individualised and automatised campaign planning in real time.

“All advertising channels work on shortening their optimisation cycles and getting as close as possible to a real-time optimisation where this doesn’t yet exist. We will experience this in the near future, for example in linear TV. Here our solution can optimally support and fully push the newly arising boundaries. The flexible and fast MP Realtime structure also allows us to improve products continuously and to scale local developments in real time”, explains Tobias Wegmann.

Linked research and campaign management

The consequence of this is a new era of data processing and utilisation: previously research and campaign execution were generally two separate processes for agencies. Insights on target groups and product admittedly mostly have influence on campaign execution. Still, while user behaviour often changes in real time, this new information rarely leads to an adjusted campaign strategy. MP Realtime now brings together both sectors in one continuous real-time exchange.

The approach: MP Realtime collects real-time behavioural data with each individual media execution. The information is used not only for KPI-based campaign optimisation but also to customise consumer insights in real time and to optimise campaign strategies. The system that is continually learning opens a continually deepening understanding of target groups and with that enables the communication of all clients to be constantly optimised on the basis of consumer needs.

More about MP Realtime and a video about how it works

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