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Mediaplus combines its competencies in programmatic marketing with Mediaplus Realtime GmbH & Co KG.

Mediaplus Realtime takes into account the increasing complexity of the implementation of programmatically controllable campaign building blocks in all media. Mediaplus Realtime takes care not only of buying and booking but also the optimization of all programmatically controllable channels. This includes online campaigns across all devices as well as previously classically handled channels such as TV, radio and out-of-home.

The main objective is particularly – apart from assisting in the processing of programmatic campaigns – the close interaction and integrated cooperation of creation, media and data-specific insights across all areas of the Serviceplan Group.

This close cooperation between media, business intelligence, and design agencies in the various Houses of Communication significantly increases the success of programmatic campaigns. It is a key asset which only Mediaplus Realtime within the Serviceplan Group can offer in this form.

Mediaplus Realtime provides the operational and conceptual basis for this, supporting both the individual agencies and their customers in the design and implementation of data-based campaigns.


Programmatic Display

With their fifteen years of experience in the execution of profile-based targeting campaigns, the Mediaplus Realtime team controls programmatic banner and video campaigns across all devices. In addition to performance and reach campaigns, our particular strength lies in exclusive large-format deals in premium reach.

Programmatic TV

With the increasing number of IP-connected TVs, the range of programmatically and profile-based controllable advertising formats is also growing. We are at the forefront of shaping this development.

Programmatic Radio

Audio content consumption increasingly takes place via the internet. We enable profile-based purchase of online audio campaigns on stationary and mobile devices through our demand-side platform (DSPs).

Programmatic DOOH

Through its Trading Desk, Mediaplus Realtime controls programmatic shopping and provides the intelligent, dynamic control of digital advertising in public spaces and transport.

Mediaplus Realtime SSP

We offer selected partners direct programmatic access to Premium Reach included with our sell-side platform (SSP).


Julian Simons

Managing Director

Mediaplus Realtime

Andrea Malgara

Managing Director

Mediaplus Group

Tobias Wegmann

Chief Technical Officer

Mediaplus Realtime