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The importance of media has changed. These days, consumers use it to actively shape their very own consumer journey. They expect to get what they want – when they want it and wherever they happen to be. And in real time, too. The currency that can help brands make this possible is real-time data – the digital footprint that consumers leave behind when using media.


Up to now, however, we have failed to make use of all the real-time data that is available to us. Conducting research and implementing a campaign are often two separate processes. Even though insights into target groups and products are usually channelled into the campaign design, as soon as the campaign goes live, the data is often only used to optimise marketing KPIs. And while consumer behaviour often changes in real time, this new information rarely goes towards adapting the campaign strategy.


MEDIAPLUS REALTIME ensures that all available data and information are constantly brought together and analysed in one place.

As well as bundling its programmatic marketing expertise in the Mediaplus Group’s integrated and data-centred consulting, knowledge and implementation hub, the agency includes all resources across the board for a globally scalable campaign planning and implementation in real time. By linking insights, (smart) data, media inventory, creation and state-of-the-art tools, we work together to manage the ever-growing complexity of programmatic advertising.


Take a look at how real-time communication works with Mediaplus Realtime:

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Mediaplus Realtime takes responsibility not only for acquiring and booking all programmatically controllable channels, but also for processing and optimising them. As well as online campaigns across all devices, this includes channels such as TV, radio and out-of-home that have been booked the traditional way up to now. Our operational experts orchestrate all channels with a view to defining and activating the most relevant touchpoints in the media mix.


In addition to the Programmatic teams at our German offices, central roles are played by the Data Analytics Hub in Brussels, the Programmatic Hub in Warsaw and the Strategy & Planning team in Munich. All of these are connected through a joint data platform. Talented specialists can be deployed throughout the entire global group regardless of where they are based. This real-time connection also allows us to continually improve products and to scale local developments in real time.


This in turn leads to a new era of data processing and utilisation. With each individual media implementation, we have the chance to collect behavioural data. Where do we reach our target group? Who will be online? When and where? Who has already seen the commercial on TV or the billboard advertising outside? Why is a specific visual clicked on more than others? And above all, why do consumers behave in a certain way?

This data helps us to understand consumers better and, in turn, to create a higher relevance. The information is not only used for KPI-based campaign optimisation, but also for adapting consumer insights and optimising campaign strategies in real time. The constantly learning system opens up an increasingly in-depth understanding of target groups. This makes it possible to continually optimise the communication of all customers based on consumer needs. 

Mediaplus Realtime was awarded the Programmatic Advertising Quality Certificate from the German Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW). This seal attests to our professionalism and high level of expertise both in strategic consulting (Strategy) and operational campaign management (Operations).

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