Retail Marketing

E-commerce is growing rapidly and now makes up a significant proportion of the retail sector. Changing consumer behaviour means that digital sales channels and online marketplaces are becoming more important for manufacturers in every sector. The increasing competition for visibility and sales on various platforms must be taken into account when allocating and using digital marketing budgets. This has led to retail marketing establishing itself as a fast-growing discipline of its own. Changes in the algorithms or style guides of marketplace providers, self-service tools for implementing advertising campaigns, and the growing number of companies offering technological and advertising solutions are also increasing the complexity of, and the need for consulting services in this specialised area.

Retail marketing covers all the activities needed to achieve success in the relevant marketplaces. Along with the development of a tailored marketplace strategy, this includes the creation of attractive, optimised content discoverable through organic searching. This helps to achieve high conversion rates and showcase brands and products in attention-grabbing ways (marketplace optimisation). Correct selection of advertising measures and their attentive management also play a key role in ensuring success. To achieve this, we make use of all available channels: from pay-per-click ads and display campaigns with programmatic delivery, to innovative customer targeting concepts like developing skills for the Amazon Echo speaker (marketplace advertising).

The only way to achieve long-term success is to keep a constant eye on all the relevant marketplace KPIs, making it possible to respond to customer requirements and requests quickly and effectively. To guarantee this, we use state-of-the-art analytical tools and develop customer-specific monitoring solutions that can be used to guarantee optimum performance and identify market opportunities (marketplace intelligence).