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The economy, the market and consumer behavior are changing at an ever more dramatic pace. Being able to react within the shortest possible time is becoming the decisive success factor for companies and brands going into the future. However, around 80 percent of companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are too slow.


They often lack real-time data, dynamic media management and hybrid sales concepts - in short, "speed management". In particular, there is a lack of impact-oriented and integrated action. Yet integration is the key driver of speed. It is essential to combine forces, develop new forms of cooperation and create the technical prerequisites for significantly simplifying and accelerating processes.


Holistic marketing in real time

People are now used to getting everything immediately, anywhere and at any time. Successful brands are close to their target groups and their needs. They communicate and act instantly, reacting immediately to changes. They learn at high speeds and immediately use the knowledge generated to make adjustments in all relevant areas. They think of brand and product experience as a joint system, as two components of the customer experience that are inextricably linked and influence each other accordingly.

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Are you determined to accelerate your organization? Do you want to secure your position in a world that is becoming more complex every day? To secure a firm place in the hearts of consumers in an increasingly competitive environment? Then let's work to achieve this together.

·       We’ll demonstrate how to generate, merge and harness real-time data for much more effective and efficient impact.

·       We'll show you how to be more agile in responding to your customers' needs.

·       And we'll show you how to optimize your revenue or sales figures with the help of real-time data.


Your challenge

Video streaming on Connected TV (CTV) is a mass phenomenon. Its importance for advertisers is growing rapidly. With digital tracking solutions, user engagement can be tracked and understood. Here, programmatic campaign infrastructure enables real-time, data-driven campaign optimization. However, CTV still faces four major challenges: Limited access to premium inventory, a highly fragmented landscape, no established ID and targeting solutions, and no standards for measurement. Mediaplus Realtime CTV meets these challenges head on.


Our solution

MP Realtime CTV is our global, standardized solution in a fragmented media market. With a centralized but globally effective tech stack, we execute campaigns with internationally consistent approaches that simultaneously take national specifics into account. A unified ID and targeting solution enables effective and seamless data strategies for regional and global campaigns. The Mediaplus Premium-First lnventory Pool combines brand safety and reach. Coordinated KPI metrics and tracking deliver easily comparable and meaningful results.


Your challenge

For leading providers, different legal frameworks around the world and individual ways of dealing with them create more and more data silos, leading to marketing efficiency losses. At the same time, growing costs and competitive pressures require holistic analyses across all available data and channels to enable holistic optimization of all marketing and sales activities.


Our solution

Our specialists can show you how we link data silos, reveal hidden connections, and optimize interaction of all channels. We further develop and evolve your individual analysis architecture. Our "Data Clean Room" technology provides a data protection-compliant environment that enables data merging without disclosing data.


Your challenge

Recent developments in data protection, regulatory measures (e.g. GDPR, TCF 2.0) and technical restrictions (e.g. ITP, ETP, Sandbox) are increasingly limiting targeting possibilities. Without new approaches, data-driven, efficient digital advertising will come to an end.


Our solution

The Mediaplus targeting specialists would be pleased to present NE.R.O. AI – our 100% cookie-free and GDPR-compliant targeting solution incorporating several million URLs worldwide.

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Our Expert

Barbara Evans

Managing Partner

Barbara Evans is Managing Partner and responsible for "Strategy & International" on the Mediaplus Group Board. As a thought leader for future consumer expectations, media consumption and customer journeys, she leads a seamlessly integrated and diversified team of experts with different competencies and supervises infrastructure, investments, talent, integration and marketing approaches internationally. After graduating from Aston University in Birmingham and the University of Bayreuth, Barbara Evans worked for various companies in the media industry such as the London-based World Wide Media Group and Allianz before joining the House of Communication of the Serviceplan Group in Munich in 2007.