Green GRP

Green GRP

How big is the carbon footprint of an advertising campaign? Information about this is provided by the Green GRP. In the future, companies will be able to opt for the advertising they have booked to be climate neutral. When planning a campaign, Mediaplus offers its clients the option to individually offset the carbon emissions that the campaign will generate. The Green GRP is part of Mediaplus’ sustainability initiative.

As Europe’s largest owner-managed agency group, the Serviceplan Group has set itself the goal of becoming a sustainability trailblazer. Serviceplan Germany has been climate-neutral since 2020 and Mediaplus has also set up an interdisciplinary taskforce that deals with sustainable media. In addition to launching a cross-sector debate, the aim is to develop sustainability standards for the market and introduce sustainable media products. The aims here are to encourage an interdisciplinary discussion, develop sustainability standards for the marketplace and introduce sustainable media products. The Green GRP is the first tangible product.


Green GRP enables clients to book and air their entire campaign in a climate-neutral way – regardless of the medium and the marketing agency that the advertisement is booked with. The Green GRP is an open industry initiative that everyone on the market can join, including other agencies. We will make the corresponding calculation models freely available to all market partners.

To calculate the resulting emissions and to offset them through certified climate protection projects, Mediaplus has brought ClimatePartner on board. After its launch, the Green GRP will be available to all market partners – agencies, marketers and advertisers – as an open initiative. Following on from Mediaplus Germany, the model for climate-neutral campaigns will also be introduced into other countries where the agency operates.

There is wide support from the market partners: Ad Alliance, Axel Springer Media Impact, Bauer Advance, El Cartel Media, Funke Medien Gruppe, Hubert Burda Media, SevenOne Media, Ströer and RMS have already joined the initiative and committed to its goals. The offsetting model operates purely in relation to the campaign, independent of the agency or marketer and regardless of the booked media.

If a client decides to make their advertising campaigns climate neutral, they are registered as participants with ClimatePartner.​ On the basis of their consumption parameters (print run, paper used, electricity etc.), ClimatePartner calculates the CO2 footprint of the campaign and the corresponding costs to offset it. ClimatePartner has developed a model for this purpose in cooperation with Mediaplus and the marketers. Based on this, the carbon emissions of the entire advertising campaign are calculated, depending on the material, distribution and production. The client receives a report and an invoice from ClimatePartner. ClimatePartner then initiates the offsetting through a climate protection project of the client’s choosing.

The environmental impact of the campaign remains the highest priority in the planning. The Green GRP does not affect the composition of the media mix. The selection of campaign components is still based on the client’s objectives and focuses on the best possible ROI.

Climate Partner calculates the CO2 surcharge. Carbon emissions vary depending on the medium and print circulation or airing frequency of TV or radio ads. ClimatePartner always breaks down the total emissions into the different areas that the emissions are generated in. In the case of print, this is the printed material on the one hand, but also the distribution and the production (e.g. materials printed for a photo shoot, digital processing, etc.). For every calculation, they take the emission factors from scientific databases, which helps to translate the data into CO2 emissions. 

Our Green GRP expert

Dominik Kropp

Head of Knowledge Management Insights Mediaplus

"With the Green GRP initiative, we are contributing to the vision of a climate-neutral advertising market."

Climate change and sustainability have become enablers for consumer behavior. The pandemic has once again greatly increased the general awareness of the impact of individual consumption. In this context, I analyse trends and developments in the field of consumer ethics as well as the effects on consumer behavior. Based on the results I derive recommendations for our clients - in order to be prepared for the growing number of green consumers and their needs.

We will be happy to advise you on neutralising the carbon footprint of your campaign and provide you with a non-binding calculation of your campaign. Get in touch with us via the contact form!

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