Gen-Z: Trendsetters today and consumers tomorrow

They are the most important trendsetters of our time: From Gen-Z behaviour, we are already learning today what will be important in marketing in the future. The media use, attitudes and values of people born in 1995 and later influence not only their own consumption, but also the behaviour of subsequent generations - far beyond the Internet. But how do you reach this target group which largely eludes classic media usage patterns?


Communities are the key to Gen-Z. For them, digital media are the linchpin for self-expression, networking and entertainment. Today's 15- to 25-year-olds are digital natives characterized by openness, purpose, and authenticity. Developing a successful community strategy will thus be the most important marketing task in the upcoming years.

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More than any other generation before, the media world of young target groups is characterized by creators. Unlike influencers, creators are less concerned with reach or interaction. It's primarily about the content itself, which they produce on platforms like TikTok, Twitch or Instagram with unparalleled passion, creativity and authenticity. "Passiontainment" is what we call this trend that has come to stay, and often goes hand in hand with gaming. Gaming is modern pop culture with high influence on media and content outside the games themselves.


In order to understand and serve these trends - and thus the future - it is not enough to observe them from the sidelines. That's why Mediaplus has created the Digital Trailblazers, a network of young, committed colleagues who - as creators and influencers, among other things - are part of this world themselves. Together with the Digital Trailblazers, we help brand managers to build successful community management and target group engagement.

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Our GenZ experts:

Alex Turtschan

Director Digital Accelerator

Alex Turtschan has been working at the House of Communication since 2009 and, as Director Digital Accelerator, advises Mediaplus clients on trend and innovation topics. Since 2019, he has been leading the Mediaplus Digital Trailblazer initiative: a network of young, digital-savvy agency colleagues with the goal of better understanding Gen-Z’s media use, leisure time and consumer behaviour.

Simone Jocham

Senior Consultant Digital Media

Simone Jocham has been working in planning and strategic consulting for digital media in the Mediaplus Group since 2017 and has been part of the Mediaplus Digital Trailblazer network since its founding in 2019. Within this framework, in addition to influencer projects, she is particularly focused on Gen-Z, what drives this generation and what makes them so special.

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