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Gaming: The underestimated entertainment giant

Esports is one of the hot topics in marketing, but Esports is only a small part of a much bigger phenomenon: Gaming. Once dismissed as a nerdy hobby for young men, gaming has turned into a beloved past time activity in broad target and age groups.

A gigantic content market has formed around video games: editorial content, successful influencers and content creators and constantly growing social media and community platforms. Gaming has turned into its own media genre, covering many platforms.

A gigantic content market has emerged around video games with editorial environments, successful influencers and content creators, as well as steadily growing social media and community platforms. We understand gaming as a own media genre, which extends across many touchpoints.

Gaming is an excellent, but also challenging marketing environment

Gaming is competing for time and attention with other media in numerous target groups and is an excellent environment for brands. Attractive target groups, often hard to reach through other means, high levels of message multiplication through strong communities and unique halo effects in an innovative and dynamically growing scene help brands in fulfilling their communication objectives.

At the same time, marketing in Gaming can only be successful when combining a deep understanding of the market and its target groups with excellent execution in terms of strategic, media and messaging. The market is too complex for experiments and the gaming target groups have high expectations towards brands.

Launch your successful Gaming and Esports marketing with Mediaplus

With Mediaplus Gaming we built an interdisciplinary team to consult you on all aspects of Gaming and Esports marketing. Our Gaming experts are not only excellent marketing professionals, but also passionate gamers, often since early childhood.

 With an extensive offering in the form of customizable workshops we provide you and your teams in-depths knowledge through all aspects of gaming: from different gamer target groups to showcasing and assessing all relevant touchpoints. Together, we develop your brand positioning and communication strategy in Gaming and Esports and take care of a seamless execution of your campaigns in online display and video, influencer marketing and Esports sponsoring.

Service type

Gaming und Esports Basics

In interactive workshops we bring you up to speed on all things Gaming & Esports:

•             Fascination and inspiration

•             Touchpoints

•             Target Groups

•             Brand fit and messaging

Strategic Communication Consulting

We develop a fitting Gaming and Esports brand strategy and communication concepts.

•             Communication and brand strategy

•             Media strategy and planning

•             Influencer and content strategy

•             Sponsoring strategy

Creative and media execution

We take care of the integrated and seamless execution of your Gaming and Esports campaigns

•             Developing ideas and creative assets

•             Execution of media, content and influencer campaigns

•             Pre-testing and campaign impact

Mediaplus Gaming Summary

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Our Gaming experts

Alex Turtschan

Director Digital Accelerator

Alex Turtschan has been working in the House of Communication since 2009 and, as Director Digital Accelerator, consults Mediaplus clients on trend and innovation topics. As a passionate gamer since childhood days, he prefers to play action adventures or watching Esports tournaments and gameplay on Twitch.

Kai Ruppert

Director Digital Media

Kai Ruppert has been consulting Mediaplus clients as Director Digital Media since 2012 on digital media planning, strategy, influencers and content marketing. He has been an enthusiastic computer gamer for over 20 years. He is especially fascinated by competitive multiplayer games: whether FPS, RTS or MOBA, the focus for him is always the competition with other gamers.

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