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You’re alive. Do you remember?

The Idea

Hornbach’s spring campaign “You’re alive. Do you remember?” represents construction materials. Via noises consumers were supposed to be reminded, what it is like to once again be in touch with nature. But how do you relay what it is like to feel wet earth with your own hands?
In the audio field, these real feelings can be created in your mind through the use of innovative ASMR technology, a special high-performance 3D recording technology. This involves releasing stimuli in the brain caused by certain sounds.
Hornbach uses this ASMR technology for a campaign to make its products palpable.
The task was to make these produced ASMR videos available purely acoustically, both to a broad target group as well as to audio enthusiasts, using clever campaign mechanisms.

In digital radio, primarily used in the evening for relaxation purposes, we implement advertisement via ASMR playlists which create feelings by using only noises. For radio, the motifs were adapted according to the time of day.
On Spotify we offered the target group special orchestration. Additionally, our own audio album was developed with ASMR tracks appropriate for the campaign which, with the help of music sales portal Spinnup, was distributed via all digital platforms. Additional campaign components were, among others, out-of-home measures and moving images on TV and online.
We created an integrated campaign which uses the individual characteristics of each channeThe campaign created real feelings in more than ten million minds.
The innovative Spotify ASMR playlist achieved an unusually long average play time of five minutes and 24 seconds!







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Team Business Development

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