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The pollen filter billboard

With unprompted average brand awareness of 90% Carglass is the undisputed market leader in the car glass segment. But very few consumers are aware of the fact that, in addition to its expertise and services in the car glass segment, Carglass also offers many other services, including the advertised interior-filter replacement service.
As the vehicle drives, the interior filter itself removes harmful particulate from the ambient air such as soot, dust and pollen.


To generate greater awareness of this topic, we thought about when people have the most issues with impure air. That’s right! Pollen season!

In the testing area of Munich posters were positioned near Carglass branches to advertise this service. By writing with a special glue we literally turned them into pollen filters.
We took advantage of the high pollen count in the fields, with billions of pollen grains colliding with our billboards, but only sticking to our adhesive message. Initially invisible, the call to action revealed itself gradually within a period of ten days. ‘ACHOO? Replace your pollen filter. NOW!’

We also communicated the constant change of the billboards with a raffle on facebook.

The campaign was extremely successful. Within the period from May to June the number of cabin filter replacements in Munich increased by 38% in comparison to other areas.




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