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Lovescout24: When Friendship Becomes Love

Love is a highly competitive market. Almost 50% of the Germans are still searching for a partner. FriendScout24, pioneer in the online-dating business conquered the market by storm at the start of the millennium, and became market leader with the most users.

Aggressive competitive investments and mobile dating apps caused bumps in the success story. FriendScout24 was increasingly associated with “finding friends”. The status became “complicated”.


A new spark had to be ignited, to reposition the platform again as Nr. 1 for dating and online partner search and reacquire market shares. A fresh start was needed:
Technically, with a mobile-first strategy, more service and innovative platform features. Singles could now include their most loveable peculiarities because; from now on FriendScout24 positioned themselves with the claim: “What you don’t like about yourself, someone else will love”. Supported by an exclusive event strategy the brand became the largest organizer of single-events.

Friendscout24 became better, more authentic and possible to experience. As highlight of the new start, it became LoveScout24. The final renaming was easy, genius and comprehensible. It’s all about love.

The combination of cross-media marketing measures with an emotional visual turned the brand image by 180°. LoveScout24 was no longer associated with friendship, but with love.
Lovescout24 managed the turnaround with 27% more registrations and a 12% increase in revenue. Figures to fall in love with.