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#Heldenkranz - crown of glory

The Idea

Through data analysis it became clear that 36.7% of the Hornbach target group are wearers of the ‘crown of glory’ – men suffering from male pattern baldness.
The goal was to bring an enormous amount of attention to the Hornbach #Heldenkranz campaign during the Euro Championship and to make a statement against the youth craze portrayed there

The best ambassadors for the #Heldenkranz are those who are wearing that crown themselves. Our own tag board, www.heldenkranz.de, where all public posts from the social community are bundled together served this purpose:
A teaser campaign in various social media channels was intended to bring #Heldenkranz to the attention of the target group. We availed ourselves of the environment surrounding the European football championship as a guarantee of wide reach to present the campaign to a broader public through a few targeted placements. 

We premiered the ad on the Internet, which caused the initial buzz for the campaign on social media. The big wave across all channels began right on time for the Euro match between Germany and Northern Ireland. Now the connection between classic media and the online realm was constantly available via the hashtag #Heldenkranz. Out-of-home media and social media were directly linked with each other by 12 live tag.
With more than 41 million gross contacts, we were able to establish an unmistakable association between the new term ‘Heldenkranz’ and the messenger, Hornbach.







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