Who we are

Our aspiration

We are the innovation agency for brand-specific media and the most powerful agency set-up in Europe.

Our recipe for success

Both domestically and internationally, we rely on our tried-and-tested partner principle. We use it to create the best and most successful solution for a particular local market for each individual client.

Our philosophy

Man is the measure of all things. Whether it’s an employee, client or target audience: we produce successful work for our clients when we inspire and motivate people. We always make communication by people, for people.

Our core services

Our business is consultancy. We provide direction in a media market that is becoming increasingly complex. Our role is to create added value for our clients by offering holistic advice.

About us


Mediaplus is the largest independent and partner-managed media agency in Europe.

Mediaplus is the innovation agency for brand success.

Mediaplus Group was founded in 1983 as a Serviceplan subsidiary and is today the largest independent and partner-led media agency in Europe with over 25 locations and partnerships and around 1000 employees worldwide.

As innovation agency for measurable brand success, Mediaplus is more than just media: It is the combination of insights, data, media and creation. We link traditional and digital media planning with brand-specific target group models and media strategies, geo-media, performance marketing, social and search marketing, and programmatic advertising.

Integrated working practices, increasing automation and the use of the latest data-driven technologies ensure campaign efficiency at Mediaplus: highly agile expert hubs gather around tables in the House of Communication to use their specific expertise to find the perfect solution for clients such as BMW, Deichmann, MINI, Saturn or Paulaner.

However, our greatest advantage is our employees who put their commitment, their expertise, their creativity and passion to use for our clients and campaigns every day and make our success possible.

Third place in the "Overall Activity Report 2019" of the independent Parisian market research institute RECMA underlines Mediaplus' success. Since 1999 Mediaplus has defended its top position as the most successful agency in the history of the "German Media Award". In 2020 and 2021 Mediaplus was also voted "Media Agency of the Year" at "German Media Award" and received 2020 four times in succession the title of "Agency of the Year" at the Festival of Media Global.


Management Mission Strategy

Leadership model

We are making Mediaplus the most desirable employer among media agencies. The identification and motivation of our employees are what make us stand out from the rest. Our employees are the source of our success and to a large extent determine our actions.


Innovation is an essential driver of our success and sets us apart in the agency market. That’s why we demand and encourage the development of new ideas and solutions. We achieve this by supporting freedom of thought and maintaining a culture of open discussion that allows new concepts to flourish.


As an independent, partner-managed agency, we want employees who think in an entrepreneurial way.  We foster an awareness of the influence of every individual on the success of the company.  This is reflected in our individual agreements on objectives (CICC). Furthermore, we also provide transparency regarding company success and participation opportunities for additional services.


Passion is what drives us. We strive for excellence every day anew and have the ambition to continually improve. We act based on conviction and foster courage, curiosity and enthusiasm in our employees. We are not satisfied with the first solutions that come along and are happy to go the extra mile.


We lead our employees with a sense of appreciation and respect their individuality. Our employees are important to us as people. We focus on their strengths. We dedicate time to them and recognise their performance.

Clearly and directly

Clear and reliable communication is the basis for respectful action on all levels. We keep our word. We don’t talk about each other, we talk with each other.


Transparent and consistent decisions provide the necessary orientation for targeted and efficient work. We communicate our decisions in a comprehensible way and see them through.

Exemplary function

The example we set catches on and influences the behaviour of our employees, moulding the culture of Mediaplus. We act with integrity and uphold our own code of conduct.


Dr. Andrea Malgara

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Group

Regina Schwob

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Group

Oliver Hey

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Media 1

Dominik Terruhn

Managing Partner

Mediaplus 1 & Digital

Jochen Lenhard

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Media 2

Barbara Evans

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Media 2

Matthias Brüll

Managing Partner

Mediaplus International

Sebastian Truss

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Forward

Esther Busch

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Cologne

Andreas Fuhlisch

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Hamburg

Elke Reibetanz

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Berlin

Arvid Boström

Managing Director

Mediaplus International

Tino Reinecke

Managing Director

Mediaplus Geo Intelligence