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Welcome to Europe’s largest independent media agency.

Mediaplus is the innovation agency for brand-individual media. Can you imagine running incredibly efficient campaigns that result in double-digit increases in your turnover? Let our site paint a picture of it for you.

Brands want to get noticed, and we make them impossible to miss. That’s our commitment and our objective – regionally, nationally and internationally. It’s also why we invest in new and unusual ideas that, under top terms, lead to better results and measurably more effective campaigns.

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Our media planning allows you to reach those who really count: Buyers. And when it comes to your budget, it´s not just a question of size. It´s about optimal allocation.Our formula for success: Buying Follows Strategy.


Success means always staying one step ahead, understanding both consumers and markets. Which is why we sniff out trends for you at an early stage and transform this knowledge into the strategies you need.



For an international media campaign to succeed, it’s crucial to know as much as possible about the local markets. Yet it’s not enough for the media agency to simply be present in as many countries as possible. It takes the expertise of experienced local partners to ensure that your communication is a success in a wide variety of countries.

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Your new Job starts with flirting: Meet eight of our directors and learn more about our career opportunities and the people who work at Mediaplus.
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At Mediaplus and Plan.Net Media we marry classic media planning with our know-how in digital media, geo media and CRM to create an overall strategy. With this in mind, media planners, media buyers and media billers work together employing carefully calibrated processes in order to achieve the very best results.

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