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Welcome to Germany’s largest independent media agency!

Mediaplus is the innovation agency for brand-individual media. Can you imagine running incredibly efficient campaigns that result in double-digit increases in your turnover? Let our site paint a picture of it for you.

Brands want to get noticed, and we make them impossible to miss. That’s our commitment and our objective – regionally, nationally and internationally. It’s also why we invest in new and unusual ideas that, under top terms, lead to better results and measurably more effective campaigns.


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The Mediaplus Group is Germany’s largest independent, partner-managed media agency with offices in Munich and Hamburg as well as branches in Vienna, Zurich, Milan and Brussels. The Group combines classical media planning with extensive knowhow from the areas of digital media, geomedia, CRM, research and neuromarketing.

And that’s why Mediaplus, founded in 1983, has consistently stood for innovative and creative media management, strategic media conception, efficient media buying and a target-oriented outlook thanks to professional market and media research – both on a national and international level.

Today, a team of around 200 looks after clients such as BMW, Carglass, Cortal Consors, Deichmann, MINI, Rügenwalder Mühle, Saturn, ThyssenKrupp and ZDF. Every year we reaffirm our commitment to being the “innovation agency for brand-specific media”: For 15 years now, Mediaplus has reigned supreme as the most successful agency in the history of the German Media Prize (Deutscher Medienpreis), Germany’s most coveted media award.



For an international media campaign to succeed, it’s crucial to know as much as possible about the local markets. Yet it’s not enough for the media agency to simply be present in as many countries as possible. It takes the expertise of experienced local partners to ensure that your communication is a success in a wide variety of countries.

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At Mediaplus and Plan.Net Media we marry classic media planning with our know-how in digital media, geo media and CRM to create an overall strategy. With this in mind, media planners, media buyers and media billers work together employing carefully calibrated processes in order to achieve the very best results.

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